Continuing your diving education

Why i love teaching the Advanced open water course
Out of all the courses i have taught this month one of my favourite things
has been taking students all the way from open water non divers to advanced
open water divers, the dramatic improvement in all students is outstanding
and always a joy to see.
After spending 9 dives with a group you really get to know the diver as a
person in and out of the water and you build a trusting instructor/student

At the beginning of the open water course i always make a point to mention
to the students that they can progress on to the advanced course with their
instructor and briefly explain to them what is involved in an advanced
course. An advanced course consists of five dives the most popular being;
peak performance buoyancy, navigation, night, deep and wreck.

As well as the essential core dives (navigation and deep) i also love
teaching the peak performance buoyancy dive, i find that the students always
surface with a big smile on their face after this dive, they love comparing
themselves to when they start at dive one of the open water course  to how
they are with perfect trim at the end of the buoyancy dive. This dive
reduces the divers air consumption and energy required underwater so
therefore makes future dives more comfortable and fun for the diver. Its
also a fun dive, with lots of swimming through hoops and obstacles and
focusing on buoyancy with breathing.

The night dive is also always fun, students get to feel like real
adventurers using torches to find exciting things underwater like puffer
fish and rays. Its an excellent way to view the underwater world in
different conditions.

Lastly, One of my favourite dives has to be the wreck dive, we are lucky
enough here on Koh Tao to have a WW2 wreck right on our doorstep. Watching
the students faces as the wreck comes into view during a decent is
priceless, it really is fascinating to see and normally leaves the students
awestruck. An excellent way to finish off the advanced course.

by Danielle


Continuing your diving education






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