Chumpon Pinnacle

Chumpon Pinnacle has long been regarded as Koh Tao’s premium dive site, and here at Davy Jones Locker our morning boat is usually there for our first dive of the day.


Chumpon is a large lozenge shaped granite rock located 45 minutes to the north of Koh Tao. The dive site itself starts at around 14 meters and finishes at around 37 metres, this makes the site perfect for the PADI Deep Adventure dive as part of the PADI ADvanced Open Water course and also 40 meters is easily achievable for the PADI Deep Speciality. Divers on an Open Water level should not be put off by the depth, the visibility at Chumpon is generally very good and the bottom of the rock can easily be seen once your below the surface. At around 20-22 meters there is always a large school of Yellow tail Trevally and large schools of Chevron Barracuda are a regular sight. Queenfish, Cobia, Rainbow Runners and Batfish are normally present on the site. There are several large Groupers who have made their homes in the various cracks and fissures on Chumpon, including a very large male and female just west of the center bouy line. There is also cleaning station at the bottom of the swim through where Groupers are often seen being attended to by Cleaner Wrasse. There are also plenty of Moray Eels around the pinnacle.

whale shark

Barracuda rock, just too the west of the main pinnacle also boasts Green Morays and a group of Durban Dancing Shrimp. Angel fish, Longtail Bannerfish, Butterfly fish, Titan Trigger and Anemone fish are also residents here. Bryde’s Whales and Dolphins can sometimes be seen cruising through the area. Whale Sharks are regular vistors and the main reason people dive at Chumpon, they are more frequently seen during our Monsoon period and are always a spectacular sight! My personal highlights of Chumpon were my Tec 40 and Tec 45 training dives and of course the Whalesharks.


Mike S

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