Change Of Season

With the recent change of season (of the two we have) comes the chance to dive some new sites with Davy Jones Locker. Every year around August the winds change their direction here on Koh Tao which gives us the chance to go to some dive sites that may have been difficult to get to instead of coming out of Sairee Beach like we have been these past months we are now mooring our boat in Hin Wong Bay, on the opposite side of the island.

This gives us a chance to visit sites that we may have not been able to get to before due to time limits or bad weather. Not only will this be exciting for new customers, but also gets our staff and DMT’s looking forward to exploring places they may have never seen or just haven’t been to for awhile.

Populare sites on the east side of Koh Tao include Hin Wong Bay, a shallow site  great for Discover Scuba Divers, Open Water Divers and Snorkelers. Also there is Hin Wong Pinnacle, located just outside of Hin Wong Bay, that has been compared to the memorable dive site Chumpon Pinnacle that is north of the island and a big favorite, perfect for the Deep Adventure Dive. For the more adventurous divers we also have Liem Tiem, a site that offers a wide range of swim throughs and small caves that may make you want to look into the cave diving courses more than the recreational diving. Discover the sunken catamaran and bicycle at Tanote Bay. Also Shark Island, a bit more for the advanced diver but known for being a good place to site Koh Tao’s favorite underwater creature the Whale Shark.

Wherever you might like diving or in whatever underwater scenery, Koh Tao has many different sites to offer. Come and enjoy the East side of the island with us, which has been a little untouched for the past few months. turtles, and maybe even a whaleshark!


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