BSAC Boat Handling, Instructor Training & Extended Range Diver with Ginger

Ginger Ayres (BSAC Advanced Instructor, Marine Divers, Hong Kong) has visited Koh Tao, Thailand, hooking up with DJL Diving for BSAC Instructor & Extended Range Diver Training.

BSAC small boat handling for divers Koh Tao Thailand

Image: Les prepares Matt, Arne & Tom for their BSAC Instructor Exams

PADI Instructors Arne and Matt have been completing a BSAC Instructor Crossover under the instruction of Les & Ginger. Also joining the group is PADI Divemaster Tom Snooks, making the step up to BSAC Open Water Instructor.

Over the last few days the guys have been practicing academic presentations, learning how to break down scuba skills for entry level divers and brushing up on their technical teaching such as search patterns, using lifting devices, shot lines etc.

The guys also just completed their BSAC Boat Handling course, learning how to handle a small boat, specifically for scuba diving applications. The course includes a mix of boat handling theory and driving experience – mooring, man overboard drills, picking up divers, rough sea training, coming alongside a dock or larger vessel plus much more.

Technical diving extended range diver course Koh Tao Thailand

Image: Ginger gets ready for an Extended Range Diver training session with Leona, William & Tim.

In parallel with this, Ginge has been sitting in on one of Tim’s technical diving courses. In preparation for our upcoming wreck diving liveaboard in Malaysia, students William & Leona are being put through their paces on the BSAC Extended Range Diver Course (ERD). Lots of shallow skills and drills followed by depth experience dives, getting the guys ready for their deep air deco dives next week!

Ginger has been joining these courses to build up more experience of top end BSAC training courses – in preparation for him to proceed through to BSAC National Instructor. Good luck to Ginger with his NI exams!

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