Boat Handling

Training to be an instructor or divemaster and want to improve your employment prospects? The DJL seamanship package could be for you.
The DJL seamanship package combines the BSAC boat handler course, BSAC chartwork and position fixing course, logged experience driving the boat and the BSAC diver coxswain examination.
On the boat handling course we will teach you all the manoeuvres and skills required to operate dives from our high speed rigid hulled inflatable boat. Powered by twin Yamaha 85 horsepower outboard motors our RIB will cruise comfortably at well over 20 knots, which will get you to Chumphon pinnacle in around 12 minutes. You will learn how to safely drop off and pick up divers, deploy shot lines and anchors, perform various low and high speed manoeuvres, conduct boat safety checks and boat briefings. We also cover seamanship theory including buoyage, lights, hull types, voyage planning, weather and tidal predictions.
In the experience section you will build up your skills by running real dive trips in different conditions in order to prepare you for the final diver coxswain assessment.
In the chartwork and position fixing course you will learn how to correctly use a chart, plotter and dividers to calculate, position, distance, journey times and fuel requirements for dive trips.
The course concludes with the BSAC diver coxswain assessment, completion of which gives you full qualification accredited by the combined diving agency which includes BSAC, SAA, SSAA and PADI. Plus the course in accredited by the MCA Maritime and Coastguard Agency, for full international qualification to drive powerboats up to 10m in length for diving operations.
If you are interested in the package contact DJL via the website, or drop into the dive school reception in Sairee, Koh Tao.

DJL's High Speed Rib

DJL’s High Speed Rib

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