Bluespotted Stingrays

Here on Koh Tao were used to seeing some strange looking creatures. We also find some unusual looking things under the sea! Bluespotted Stingrays are among them. Docile fish during the day and lively hunters come the sunset.

The bluespotted stingray has a flat disc-like oval body in about 50 centimeters round with a long protruding tail with bright yellow eyes. Their main coloring is a dark green/yellow with bright blue spots and a light white underbelly. The rays’ bright coloration serves as a warning for its venomous barbs located on its long tail!! (Don’t worry they are more scared of us!!)

The rays’ normally live alone feeding off of smaller prey like shrimp, small bony fish, mollusks, crabs and other worms. How they feed is by pinning is prey to the bottom of seafloor with its fins, hence why they are known as bottom feeders, and chomping down with its food-crushing plates on the sides of its mouth.

There are a large number of the rays’ found at the dive site ‘Twins’ during the day where we can find them in cracks along the pinnacle. However, it’s during the night when you really see them at work. Take the boat out to White Rock at sunset and jump into the dark water to find them feeding under the beam of your torch.

You can do this on your Night Adventure Dive or during your Advanced Open Water Course if you want. You can see great barracuda darting around you hunting the smaller fish that pass by. You might also bump into to the resident green turtle that sleeps there at night!

Its always exciting to watch these guys stir up the ocean floor in search of a midnight feast!!!

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