Better Air

At Davy Jones Locker, Koh Tao, we have recently upgraded our compressor system.  In addition to our existing Coltri Sub MCH 16 compressor we now have a new Bauer Poseidon compressor.  This increases the speed we can pump air fills to 400 liters per minute.  We also have a new Bauer B-Kool unit, this is designed to add a second stage of cooling and drying to the air we compress.  Breathing grade air is required to pass through a filter cartridge, which contains special granules to clean and dry the air.  This prevents bad tastes, smells, oil and water from entering your scuba cylinder.  With the B-Kool unit the filter performance is improved by seven times.  After filtration the air is now deliver to our new five way manifold allowing us to fill up to 5 tanks at the same time.



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