Become an Underwater Photographer

Scuba diving is a unique experience, entering a whole new world which would normally be inaccessible to humans. Having been a diver for a while I enjoy talking to people who have not been lucky enough to see the things i’ve seen underwater, telling them about the different fish and coral which have entertained me so often. Unfortunately words can only give a small incite to what you see and experience. I found that showing people photos from my dives is the best way to really show off and help people understand why I am passionate about diving.

Becoming a Digital Underwater Photographer is great fun and will dramatically improve the quality of photos you can achieve. This specialty course will include two dives in the open water practicing different techniques.

Many cameras which are compatible with underwater housings nowadays and will often have an ‘underwater’ mode. At depth light is absorbed and we lose some contrast in the colours. What underwater mode will do is put some colour back into your shots. We will look at reasons why some people may chose to use this feature but also look at alternatives which can produce better photos. I use a Canon Powershot, a simple point and shoot HD digital camera, yet has all the features and settings of a digital SLR camera. I found that using ‘underwater’ mode with this camera makes the photos look very blue, and doesn’t seem to give a true representation of what you actually see underwater.

Teaching you how to manually set the White Balance will give a better image, not only that but also adjusting exposure, shooting from different angles, when and where to use a flash. We also cover how to care for your camera and equipment and get advice on maintaining environmentally friendly diving for photography. We will also look at what we can do with the photos once we get them back on land, using computers we can adjust and manipulate our shots to make them look even better.

If you don’t have your own camera and housing, no problem. You can rent the equipment here at DJL for a reasonable price and at the end of the course you can take home a CD or you own SD card with all your photos. So become a Digital Underwater Photographer and tell your story with pictures.

Bob – Master Scuba Diver Instructor

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