Are You Ready for Tech?

Making the leap from recreational diving to technical diving sounds a little bit daunting to some, but it is the best step I’ve made so far is my diving education J Technical diving goes beyond the limit of recreational diving which is why it is good to have a bit of dive experience behind you before you start. In the first PADI tech course at DJL, the tech40, you learn how to use a twin set (2 tanks on your back) and a deco tank attached on your left side. Its takes a little to get used to the buoyancy change from a normal BCD to a wing with 3 tanks, but the extended bottom time is worth it!

The course involves a day of theory, a pool session and 3 training dives, so it can be done in 3-4 days. You learn a lot more about decompression theory and how to plan deco dives with desktop software! It teaches you how to identify problems with your equipment underwater and how to deal with them.

Tech diving has an emphasis on making you a self sufficient diver so while you go diving in buddies you carry 2 of everything so you are prepared…. 2 masks, 2 computers, 2 compasses, 2 knives, 2 torches … you get my point!

The training dives can be demanding so be prepared to push yourself. On my first dive I practiced storing the deco tank at the dive site then simulated failures of both my left post and right reg so I was left to enact the out of air scenario 18m under! We then navigated back around the dive site to find our deco-tanks reattached them to our harness and switched to our deco gas, all while sharing air with my instructor! It was challenging but I was ready after a thorough pool session with my instructor.

My final training dive was a 61 minute dive to 40m at Chumphon pinnacle, I saw some great stuff, and I had so much more time to enjoy it. Big Thanks to my instructor Mike Waddington, I had a great time!

By Heather

Loading up the longtail boat with all our tech gear.Setting up our twinsets.Me and my Instructor, Mike Waddington, after our final dive.Our deco-tanks ready to go.

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