Are there any sharks?

The most popular question I’m asked by customers is “Are there any sharks?”

I wish there were. If you are very,very lucky you will see one. If I see one I’m going to run very fast, very fast & get my camera & jump in water before they swim away. I’ve only seen a handful of sharks in the last few years so when I do see one it’s a magical experience, their movements are graceful, purposeful; their shape beautiful, captivating your eyes. I could watch them swim for hours, & 1 day I did. In Egypt I spent over an hour in the water watching 2 ocean white tips swimming around, doing their own thing, unbothered by the divers. When our air got low, we jumped back on the boat & took our gear off & jumped back in with snorkels & mask.

Was I scared? No, I was mesmerised & I still waiting to experience another moment like it. If you’re very, very lucky you will get to see sharks underwater. And If you do just watch them & appreciate them, you will be spellbound!

Matt Metcalf

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