Another new OWSI !!!

Doing the IDC at DJL was a lot of fun. Sure, you have to spend some time learning things like maximum student-to-instructor ratios and how many kilograms a liter of salt water weighs. But, you also get out in the open water and really learn how to teach diving by taking turns playing various roles. Sometimes you play the part of the instructor or the divemaster. Other times, you play the part of the student who has a problem doing a skill which the “instructor” has to catch and fix. Some of the problems are hilarious: Alright, this time, instead of saying “Diver, Diver are you OK?” just splash them in the face. Other problems are more subtle, but you learn how to spot them early and how to have you, the student and your divemaster in the right place to help the student safely correct the problem.
One great thing about doing the IDC at DJL is Pete. He’s got tons of stories from the old days of “blow and go” diving and his time as a tugboat captain in Amsterdam. He also schedules the course so that even though it’s every day for about 3 weeks and there’s a lot to learn, the pace is relaxed and easy and the workload never feels burdensome. But, believe me, he will have you 100% prepared for the Instructor Exam. We all went into the IE feeling confident because we knew we were ready for it.
PADI likes to say that when you’re in the SCUBA diving business you’re really in the business of transforming lives. When they say this, they’re usually referring to new divers who have overcome some sort of apprehension about diving, finished their Open Water Course and discovered the joys of the underwater world for the first time. But the transformation doesn’t stop there and I can certainly say that doing the IDC at DJL has made me into a much better diver. I can’t wait to get into my new “office” to start work.
-Pete Galea

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