Advanced Course at Sail Rock

This week I was fortunate enough to take an advanced course to Sail Rock which is widely recognised as one of the best dive sites in South East Asia. It was a fantastic day all round, not only did we experience great conditions but I was with an excellent group of students which enabled us to have a couple of long, relaxed and spectacular dives. Sail Rock, as it sounds, is a great big rock which rises from the ocean floor and breaks the surface about two hours away from Koh Tao.

One of the main features of this dive site is that it has a coral ‘chimney’ which starts at around 6 meters and you dive through it to an opening at about 18 meters deep. It is an ideal site for an advanced course because apart from offering depths of up to 30 meters, it also has an amazing amount and diversity of aquatic life. On our dives this week we saw huge shoals of barracuda, trevally, big eye jacks, queen fish and giant groupers as well as thousands of other smaller species.

Everybody enjoyed the day trip, not least myself and my awesome divemaster Lucy, with cracking weather, great visibility and no waves at all.  All my students, Simon, Nanna, Chris and Adam had an amazing course and all are still diving here at DJL and we are all now looking forward to the next trip to Sail Rock!

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