a new face in the shop!

Hello all!
I am the new face of the DJL shop. Along with Nicki , I will working to make sure that you all have the supplies and equipment that you need to enjoy diving and snorkelling with DJL.
A little about me….
I come from a back ground in emergency medicine, which began years ago with my NDip EMS back in South Africa. Back then there was a lot of violence in my particular province and we got very experienced very quickly in managing critical patients in remote areas with very little support or equipment. I left the provincial ambulance department and moved to Dubai to work for a famous hotel group, in the attached waterpark. It was here that I got the diving bug . I started my openwater in January of the first year and was an OWSI by that November (even though I could only dive on weekends). I taught for a while and then found a great amount of enjoyment cleaning the giant aquarium tanks in the Lobby and restaurants of the world’s only seven star hotel, diving off a hookah system with suction cup handles for the glass and a toilet brush to scrub the artificial coral!
A knee injury pretty much killed my ability to dive for so long that I decided to do my IMCA Dive Medical Tech course in Plymouth UK. This is a course offered to commercial divers and provides a great insight into the world they work in. I combined this with a chamber operators course which had me operating the nine seater Krug chamber for the daily HBO treatments as the exam!
I am now able to combine two of my favourite things. Diving and medicine! Proof that there are a great many facets to the diving world!
Last year a course like the IMCA Dive medic program was put together by DASPAA (www.DASPAA.org ) for recreational diving. I quickly moved to become an instructor in this program and look forward to having the opportunity to teach this here at DJL.
The course is based on the Remote EMT program which is aimed at the first responder that is in a place where immediate access to care is not always possible, which is exactly what the situation is when you are off on a dive boat! We teach divemasters, instructors and centre managers the physics and physiology of diving and the pathophysiology of diving accidents. Basic risk mangement , emergency action planning and evacuation are all covered. The course teaches advanced airway management, IV line insertion and many other lifesaving skills that we generally rely on a hospital to do for us. By the end of the course a recreational dive medic is able to conduct a complete neurological examination and will be able to assist and advise doctors that are not experienced in diving in what treatment is required. Valuable in a remote area!! The course includes a bit of time in a local ER, a chamber visit and lectures by a diving doctor and nurse.
We are looking at running this through DJL, so if you are interested, come in to DJL shop and have a chat with me!

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