A great course to teach!

A massive congratulations to my cousin for completing her PADI Open Water and Advanced Open Water courses.

My cousin and her boyfriend, Hollie and James, have never tried scuba diving before and so the first thing we did was a ‘try a dive’ in the DJL pool. DJL offers free ‘try a dives’ so that you don’t have to commit to anything before you’ve had a go. It’s a one on one introduction and after a short briefing we take you for an underwater swim. It’s a really good chance to see if you’re comfortable and want to carry on the adventure.

They both loved it and Hollie couldn’t wait to get started on the four day open water course. James, not being a very confident swimmer, decided that wasn’t the option for him but he liked the freedom of breathing underwater and wanted to witness the coral reefs and colourful fish of Koh Tao, too. For James then, I took him for a PADI ‘Discover Scuba Diving’ experience, which he loved and afterward went on to do three more fun dives under my supervision. He was a very good diver and I hope one day he will take the next step and gain his certification.

Hollie took to the water like a fish and it was a real pleasure for me to be able to teach such a close friend and family member to dive. It’s always rewarding to certify new divers but this was a particularly special course for me. I was so pleased when she’d finished and was keen to carry on to become an advanced open water diver.

Hollie continued her training with Henry; her five adventure dives including a night dive and a wreck dive which were the highlights for her. I highly recommend the advanced course to all open water divers; it increases your confidence and abilities with dives such as peak performance buoyancy and navigation. Furthermore it’s a good introduction to the scope of possibilities open to recreational divers; you can find out where your personal interests in diving may lie, such as in photography, wreck or deep diving, all of which you can complete further training and speciality courses in.

Sadly for me, Hollie and James are leaving Koh Tao tomorrow and have many more exciting adventures ahead of them in Thailand – although there is already talking of coming back and taking the PADI rescue diver course! So good luck guys; happy travelling – I hope you have an amazing trip. I look forward to reminising about the time I taught you to dive in Thailand, one day in the future.

Claire Williams. OWSI.

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