6 -7 metre Whale Shark at the Chumphon Pinnacles

Yesterday [10/05/2007] at the height of Koh Tao‘s whale shark season, we got another great encounter!

This time it was DJL Diving instructor Matt [again] with a group of certified divers, diving at the Chumphon Pinacles.

During the first dive, the group just caught a glimpse of the big fish. It was decided to make a second dive at the same site, and the decision paid off! The whale shark circled the pinnacle for the entire second dive. After a long session swimming with the whale shark, Matt decided to lead the group off towards barracuda rock [to have a look at some other fish]. The whale shark then followed them!

This one was about 6 – 7 metres long. The bad news is that it had a rope wrapped around it’s tail [presumably part of a net or buoy line]. The rope looked like it had been on there for sometime as it had eaten into the flesh causing a serious injury. Discussing with some other Koh Tao instructors, they report having seen the same whale shark, with rope last season [2006].

After seeing two whale sharks in the last 10 days, Matt has people queing up to dive with him!

Whale Shark at the Chumphon Pinnacles

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