Davy Jones Locker technical diving courses and recruitment, May 2016

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Davy Jones Locker technical diving courses and recruitment, May 2016Davy Jones Locker Koh Tao is expanding its’ Technical Diving Department in 2016. We will be conducting a series of IANTD Tech courses between 11th May 2016 and 23rd May 2016 with a view to offering employment to suitable candidates who gain certification.  You do not need to be an IANTD  Instructor to take part in any of the courses that are offered, however there are certain prerequisites  which are listed below each course.

The Instructor for these courses will be the well respected Rasmus Dysted.

Rasmus has been a Diving Instructor since 1994 & started technical and cave diving in 1996. He has logged over 5000 dives in most parts of the world. Rasmus has written several course programs & materials, is an Instructor Trainer in 4 different training organisations and is also training military special ops. He is specialized in sidemount, CCR cave and trimix and is an Instructor on more than 10 different rebreathers.  His wide range of IANTD certifications make him the ideal candidate to teach the courses we will be offering.

Davy Jones Locker technical diving courses and recruitment, May 2016In order to give everyone attending  the opportunity to sign up to become an Advanced Recreational Trimix Instructor the schedule will start with the Normoxic courses first.







The planned Tech courses are as follows:


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Sail Rock trip January 2016

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Sail Rock (aka “Hin Bai”) is one of the top diving destinations in the Gulf of Thailand, it has great visibility with large groups of schooling fish, as well as some of the most spectacular underwater scenery.


sail rock mapAfter a leisurely 1 hour  and half cruise from Sairee Beach, Koh Tao, the Davy Jones Locker boat arrives at this truly exciting and extensive dive site. The main structure actually sticks out of the water and the rest of the features are below – Sail Rock’s exposed position makes it a focal point for all the marine life around – stopping to take a break or to visit a cleaning station.

Sail Rock is a deeper dive site and there can be some currents, but by diving in small groups with personal care and attention it’s usually safe for all.


sail rock dive siteColourful cup corals, giant black coral, white eyed morays and raggy scorpionfish are just some of the highlights of the non-pelagic life on the pinnacle. Outside, look out for big schools of fish, particularly jack, barracuda, snapper and batfish, plus hunting king and queenfish and more.


Sail Rock trip January 2016The awesome scenery as the visibility increases is something to be experienced, and there’s even a small vertical chimney for adventurous divers to swim through. You may also be lucky enough to see a whale shark as they occasionally visit the site, but they are not guaranteed!




7. Instructor patricia driving the boatPatricia

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Adventure into a career

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“I started out at Davy Jones Locker as an open water student and continued on to my dive master program. My experience as a student and intern was one of the best experiences i’ve ever had. The education was great and the people were like a family, they made me feel at home instantly! I made all these friends that I’ll keep for a life time. Leaving to go home after my internship was a hard decision to make.

Saving up and heading back out 9 months later i get to meet the course directors Guy and Pete, who brought me in to the instructor side of the diving world. They were very thorough with they way they teach and are more than willing to spend extra time with you if you are struggling with any part of the course. Going in to the Instructor Examination I felt very confident knowing I was prepared properly.

I have done my open water, advanced open water, EFR and rescue diver, divemaster, and my instructor development course all at Davy Jones Locker and I wouldn’t change it for the world. Now as an Instructor at Davy Jones Locker working with a very welcoming and enthusiastic hard working team I’m excited everyday to see new faces and show them a new world! Whatever course you take whether it’s an open water course, internship, instructor course or even technical diving DJL is an amazing Dive Centre with a wide variety of options to fill all of your needs!!

by Nick



Myself during IDC


Awesome Davy Jones Locker team!!!

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Bonjour à tous, je me suis offert un cadeau pour cette nouvelle année j’ai finalement envoyé à PADI mon application pour être certifié IDC STAFF instructor :) ce qui me permet maintenant d’enseigner certaines parties du cours d’instructeur de plongée sous marine de Padi et de partager mes connaissances et ma passion!


Un nouveau défi… J’assites en ce moment un IDC avec les course directors Peter Nieuwof et Guy Corselli, j’en apprends un peu plus à tous les jours et je perfectionne mes techniques d’enseignement. Depuis que j’ai commencé la plongée à Davy Jones Locker diving Koh Tao j’ai le plaisir de travailler avec ces deux course directors avec qui j’ai fait des parties de mon programme Padi Divemaster, mon cours d’instructeur et maintenant je travaille avec eux pour pouvoir à mon tour devenir un course director un jour! Depuis que j’ai commencé la plongée je n’ai pas eu le temps de m’ennuyer, et chaque jour j’ai des nouveaux défis à surmonter et de nouvelles notions à enseigner ce qui est très agréable et très gratifiant ;)! Venez commencer à plongée ou apprendre à enseigner la plongée avec nous à DJL DIVING Koh Tao!

Jean-Philippe Girard

IDC Staff instructor :)


jp blog







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Surmonter les épreuves!

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Il y a quelques semaines, j’ai eu le plaisir d’enseigner la plongée à deux hollandaises, Lotte et Wanda, qui sont venues faire leur cours Padi Open Water chez nous à Davy Jones Locker. Nous en étions à faire des exercices en piscine quand Wanda stagnait sur un des exercices de masque, après avoir passé un bon moment à travailler sur celui ci je demande à un ami instructeur s’il ne peut pas l’aider pendant que je continu le cours, ce qu’il fait. Wanda ayant toujours du mal étant visiblement frustrée et pensant abandonner :( je lui suggère de profiter de la fin de la journée et d’allé voir le super coucher du soleil sur Sairee beach puis de revenir détendue au matin! Elle le fait et parvient à faire tous les exercices à temps pour le bateau de l’après midi :). Par la suite en mer à notre grande joie elle performe tous les exercices


qu’elle appréhendait À LA PERFECTION!!! Nous même fait le cours Advance Open Water Diver ensemble et maintenant Lotte et Wanda on plongé à plusieurs reprises et dans plusieurs endroits dans leurs voyages!


Ça c’est ce qui me rend fier de mon travail! C’est si bien de voir des gens comme Wanda se surpasser et s’accomplir Bravo!

Venez nous voir à DJL Diving ou écrivez moi pour toutes informations!



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