Koh Lipe High Season Starting Soon!

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Koh Lipe High Season starting soon!Davy Jones Locker Diving Instructor Ed is also the manager of our Koh Lipe Dive Centre. It was great however to have him back on Koh Tao during Koh Lipes’ low season. We’re sure he will do a fantastic job when he goes back to Koh Lipe for the coming season.

High Season starting soon on Koh Lipe

Its nearly that time of year.
You can feel it, something intangible, yet so real you can almost taste it in the air. The sense of excitement in divers everywhere. Yes ladies and gents, in just a few short weeks we will be flinging open the doors on a new season of diving on Koh Lipe.


Visibility Underwater – what makes it good or bad?

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visibility underwater what makes it good or bad ?Davy Jones Locker instructor Dani has written a new article for the DJL Blog. In it she explains what the different factors are that can affect visibility underwater. Even on a tropical island such as Koh Tao visibility can vary. However this doesn’t prevent divers  from seeing a great deal of coral and marine life once they are underwater.

“What affects visibility underwater?

So this month has seen significant ups and downs in our underwater visibility on the island. There are still amazing dives but in both great and poor vis. For this reason I have chosen to base my blog on why visibility fluctuates so much

Here is a list of the main things that affect visibility under water.


Diving Mask & Its Importance

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Diving mask & its' importanceDavy Jones Locker instructor Nik emphasises the importance of diving with a comfortable, well fitting diving mask. All pieces of dive equipment are important in their own specific way, but as your main visual aid while underwater it is well worth making sure you have a piece of equipment that you are happy to use when diving. You may consider pursuing diving as a hobby after completing the PADI Open Water course or Advanced Open Water course. In these circumstances owning your own diving mask is always beneficial while fun diving or pursuing other diving courses.

The importance of a mask when diving

When it comes to diving nothing is more personal then your dive mask. Yes computers are important but they aren’t much use if you are unable to even see them. When it comes down to what you want out of a mask the most important part of it is fit and comfort. You can buy the fanciest one with the biggest price tag and it may be completely wrong for your face. Or you might buy the most affordable bottom shelf model and nothing fits better.

Which type of diving mask do I choose?

There are lots of features to consider when making a purchase. Do you want black skirt or clear skirt. Do you prefer it t have a frame or be frameless? Will you choose a wide range of view or a very tunnel vision like view to focus more? Personally I like a black skirt, big range of view with some periferral vision as well to keep a close eye on my students. So next time you go to purchase a mask take your time. It’s not as simple as buying one and it fitting perfectly! Ask your dive pro about tips and perks for getting one which properly fits.


Air Consumption & How to Improve it.

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Air Consumption & How to Improve itDavy Jones Locker instructor Meike gives some great tips on how to get the most out of diving by improving your air consumption and being able to stay underwater for longer.

How to improve your air consumption

“Do your dive buddies come up with way more air in their tank than you? Or are you always the first one of your group to go up? Why is that? And how can you change it?


Deep Diving with DJL!

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Deep Diving with DJL!Matt is an Instructor for Davy Jones Locker and has written an article about deep diving for the DJL blog. Matt is also an active Tech Diver with considerable understanding and experience. He explains some of the benefits of diving at depth and also weighs up the risks involved and how to counter them.


“So guys, you’ve done your 18m dive and now are starting to think about going deeper? there are many steps you can take now to get your 30mtrs, 40mtrs or even DEEPER certifications!

World records

Many people ask me ‘what is the deepest you can go in diving’? Now, this question is very general. The deepest claim for an Open Circuit SCUBA DIVE is 330m . This occurred just a few weeks after Nuno Gomes set the new deep diving record of 318.25 meters (at the moment 318,25 is still the Official Guiness World Record). However, diver Pascal Bernabeis makes a claim of diving to 330 meters on open circuit scuba in the Mediterranean Sea.

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